Dr. Simons is an oncologist, and is at the Cancer Team Meeting for Hazel Grace.

When Dr. Maria asks how the group should proceed to treat Hazel, she waits for Dr. Simons to answer, to which he replies: "Well, we know from other patients that most tumors eventually evolve a way to grow in spite of Phalanxifor, but if that were the case, we’d see tumor growth on the scans, which we don’t see. So it’s not that yet. The thought around here is that it’s possible that the Phalanxifor is worsening the edema, but we’d face far more serious problems if we discontinued its use."

This is the last time Dr. Simons speaks during the meeting.


1. As during the meeting, Dr. Simons' word was the last word, by that we can assume that he was the head oncologist of the hospital.

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