Jackie is a little girl Hazel Grace first encounters in the mall. She is described as having barretted braids, and appears in front of Hazel, asking her about her cannula. Her mother looks disapprovingly, but Hazel Grace says it's okay and lets the child try the cannula. Jackie says she thinks the tube is helping her breath better, and Hazel politely takes it back. Jackie then thanks Hazel, and is next whisked away by her mother.

After Jackie leaves, Hazel Grace resumes reading Midnight Dawns and compares Jackie to Kaitlyn, her other friend, and realizes how much she likes the little girl. She knows it will be depressing because of how all her other past friends talk to her because they will try to hide how awkward and self-conscious when in reality, it's very obvious they're trying to do that, "except for kids like Jackie who didn't know any better."


  1. Jackie can be inferred as a curious little child because of her interest in Hazel's cannulas.
  2. Jackie is a kid that is portayed of not afraid to ask questions to strangers
  3. The movie has a deleted scene in which Jackie appears in. In the scence, she has long blonde hair and wears a purple jacket ( with a hot pink shirt underneath) and a green skirt.
  4. Instead of a mother, John Green appears as the father.

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