• Everderp

    During the past few weeks we have experienced a lot vandalism, so I'm here to let you know that I have locked all pages for one week, due to the category spamming and vandalism. This means that only administrators may access this page, and this protection will expire in a week, but it can be reset for an infinite amount of time anytime we want. If this continues and becomes a problem, we will lock all pages from wikia contributors.

    I have already done a blog about this but it seems I will have to do it again. Adding categories such as Male, Male Character, Male Characters, Males, The Fault in Our Stars, The Fault in Our Stars Characters is against the rules, and will be treated with one warning, and then a block. No exceptions. This is to a…

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  • Everderp

    Adding Categories

    March 5, 2014 by Everderp

    A lot of people add useless categories in the attempt to get awards and get ranked higher. Doing this is already considered rule breaking and written in the policies but the admins and I weren't sure if people knew exactly what we meant by this. There's obviously a lot of different ways to put down characters such as Hazel Grace by "female", "females", "female character", "female characters" etc.

    Females/Males will now be the category used describing people such as actresses or directors who are not characters.

    Female Characters/Male Characters will now be the category used for describing male/female characters such as Augustus Waters or Hazel Grace Lancaster.

    This is all for now. 

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  • Everderp

    Coloured Comments for Admins

    November 15, 2013 by Everderp

    Right, well as most of you (by that I mean Fish and I because we are literally the only active people in this place) that my comments are a light orange. Why is that you might ask? Well I wrote in the CSS a code that allows me- being an admin to have coloured comments.

    Fish I'm directing this at you.

    In the future if we get more admins I'll most probably link this on your talk page to see what colour comment you want (hello there future friends). You can have any colour and change it anytime, if you want to do it yourself I can show you how. Keep in mind you cannot try to edit the CSS yourself if you're not an admin (don't try) because its MediaWiki and only administrators or b-crats can edit MediaWiki.

    But yes- that's all.

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  • Everderp

    Adopting the Wiki

    October 19, 2013 by Everderp

    I have been on this wiki for around a month now and I along with some other users have seen that the only admin has gone inactive which is quite a shame because there is no one to look after the wiki. Therefore I'm deciding to try and adopt the wiki. If you'd like to see the requirements for wiki adoption the link is here. Of course it would be unfair to simply adopt it without having an open discussion with the active users. I'd like to list a few reasons why I think I'd be fit to take the position of adopting this wiki.

    • I've created and edited multiple pages such as Hazel Grace Lancaster, Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley, Isaac, Kaitlyn etc.
    • I created the front page with templates such as the featured quote, featured character and cast porta…
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