I have been on this wiki for around a month now and I along with some other users have seen that the only admin has gone inactive which is quite a shame because there is no one to look after the wiki. Therefore I'm deciding to try and adopt the wiki. If you'd like to see the requirements for wiki adoption the link is here. Of course it would be unfair to simply adopt it without having an open discussion with the active users. I'd like to list a few reasons why I think I'd be fit to take the position of adopting this wiki.

  • I've created and edited multiple pages such as Hazel Grace Lancaster, Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodley, Isaac, Kaitlyn etc.
  • I created the front page with templates such as the featured quote, featured character and cast portal.
  • I've been active for a month.
  • I've added pictures and kept up to date with this wiki, adding new things daily or weekly.
  • I encourage other users to stay active and am friendly with others.
  • I'm a trustworthy wikia user who has never been banned or blocked on any wiki.

I also wrote down reasons why we should have someone new to "own" the wiki.

  • The only existing admin has been inactive since August.
  • We currently do not have many editors and with the movie coming out we can expect new users coming after its release.
  • Without an admin no one will be able to adjust the wiki or make any big changes.

I hope you agree, if you do not please comment below why or if you'd like to take the position yourself. Thank you for taking your time to read this, I highly appreciate it :)