Locking Pages

During the past few weeks we have experienced a lot vandalism, so I'm here to let you know that I have locked all pages for one week, due to the category spamming and vandalism. This means that only administrators may access this page, and this protection will expire in a week, but it can be reset for an infinite amount of time anytime we want. If this continues and becomes a problem, we will lock all pages from wikia contributors.

Category Spamming

I have already done a blog about this but it seems I will have to do it again. Adding categories such as Male, Male Character, Male Characters, Males, The Fault in Our Stars, The Fault in Our Stars Characters is against the rules, and will be treated with one warning, and then a block. No exceptions. This is to avoid category spamming, and people getting achievements for the silliest of reasons, when they don't deserve them. This will not be handled lightly. 

Also, I will be deleting all categories and rewriting them all, so to make sure there are no categories added as above.

Thank you.

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