• Froststar1

    A Couple Things

    September 29, 2014 by Froststar1

    Okayso, most of you have no Idea who I am. I'm Frost, and I'm kinda active on this wiki. I've got other stuff on my main wiki, but since that place is a bit terrifying and I kinda raged there, here I am. 

    So, within my few months on this wiki, I've wanted to be active, but nothing really happens here. We should all take our part in getting this place more active. A few things that I would consider are:

    • Spice up the homepage. There's a poll from before the movie. I suck at coding, but I can get a friend of mine on if it sounds like a good idea.
    • Get connections with other wikis. My main probably wouldn't help (Since barely anyone there is a fan), but we could always ask on the Divergent wiki which I have some friends on.
    • Get more pages. Minor ch…

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