Okayso, most of you have no Idea who I am. I'm Frost, and I'm kinda active on this wiki. I've got other stuff on my main wiki, but since that place is a bit terrifying and I kinda raged there, here I am. 

So, within my few months on this wiki, I've wanted to be active, but nothing really happens here. We should all take our part in getting this place more active. A few things that I would consider are:

  • Spice up the homepage. There's a poll from before the movie. I suck at coding, but I can get a friend of mine on if it sounds like a good idea.
  • Get connections with other wikis. My main probably wouldn't help (Since barely anyone there is a fan), but we could always ask on the Divergent wiki which I have some friends on.
  • Get more pages. Minor charachters, places, objects, whatever. But under 100 pages won't cut it for a major wiki.
  • Make it clear who the admins are for new users
  • Community votes are a thing that we never have on my main, so it'd be great to have more on here. Once we have more people we can try and get some more people as admins/CM's/rollback/etc.
  • Try and get chat active. It's my favorite part of wikia :P


Anyway, I hope this wasn't too long. If yall have any more ideas, feel free to comment :p



PS: My cosplay wig just came and EEEEEE