Hello again fellow Starfaulters,

So I heard this rumour: John Green said that Hazel dies a year after the end of the book. I was totally lost and like WHAT?!?! 

So I decided to check up on the facts and stumbled across this: 

"There is a post going around tumblr with tens of thousands of notes saying that I “announced” that a certain character in my book The Fault in Our Stars dies one year after the end of the book.

1. I have never said, written, or thought any such thing. (Photoshop is magic!)

2. If I had said, written, or thought any such thing (which, again, I did not), it would not become true. As you’ve probably heard me say a gajillion times, I don’t think the voice of the author should be privileged when it comes to matters outside a book’s text. So if I ever make such an “announcement,” I don’t think it should carry more weight than any other reader’s speculation.

I ended The Fault in Our Stars where I wanted to end it. I have never said anything about what might happen before or after what’s depicted in the book. I finished writing it, for better or for worse, and it now belongs to you."

- John Green

Hence I decided to show this to the rest of you incase you guys have heard of this and aren't sure of what's the truth. 

Incase I'm slightly outdated/late now (as the post of 4 months ago) and he did really say that Hazel dies later, link it down in the comments and I'll add it to this blog. 

Thank you,

Fish :)