Hello there fellow Starfaulters. 

There are only a few months (that feels like years) left before the release of The Fault in Our Stars movie. So before we get movie lovers included in our group (it sounds good though, the more the merrier) can we take a moment off the sit and appreciate the asolute awesomness of the book itself. 

I was re-reading the book today for updating a few pages and ended up getting lost in the wonderful words. John Green definitely has a brilliant talent. I have read all of his books other than Let It Snow which I just can't seem to get my hands on, and all of his books are almost equally brilliant which is saying something. 

So yeah, as long as you don't post direct hate on anyone as comments on this blog post you can comment. Feel free to message me any time as well. We all are entitled to our own opinions so I can't judge you for what you write here but please don't use curse words as there might be a few readers under the age of 13. 


ipaintedafish xx