The fault in our stars by grodansnagel-d6rujir


Hello guys! 

I'm netta.l and welcome to my blog! today I wood like to discuss about what would happend if gus woulden't dye.I guess most of you thought  that Hazel is the one that will avantually dye first,but then of cours mr.john green "surprized" us and killed gus...:( I think the real "fault in our stars" book ended like the book van houten wrote,"an imperial affliction" because it ends with hazel says "ok" and we do not know what happends later...​ ​GUESS john green want us to use our imagination and figure it let's try to do it!

personally, I think Hazel dyes a year later at least...after that pain of losing gus(even thogh shes strong)and with her lungs's status I dont think she survives too long... I think her's, and Gus's perents starten helping more little kids that have cancer,and become friends:) I also thing isaac find's a new (mabe blind) girlfriend that help him to live better....what do you think guys? contact me!

thank yaa'l for reading!

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